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  • 9 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

    What's one low-stress job that pays well? To help you identify the best low-stress jobs with good pay, we asked recruiters and business leaders this question for their best recommendations. From Instructional Coach to Research Analyst to Astronomer, there are several good-paying jobs that are considered to be less stressful. Here are nine low-stress jobs that pay well: Instructional Coach Roller Coaster Painting Art Director Chemical Engineer Research Analyst Editing and Proofreading Statistician Orthodontist Astronomer Instructional Coach Being an Instructional Coach is a low-stress job that can pay well for former teachers. You can do this job independently as an entrepreneur or for a local school district. Most positions require experience in the classroom to instruct, train, support, and coach other teachers. As an Instructional Coach, you would be able to support other teachers and provide intervention methods for students without having to work in the classroom or directly interact with students. - Annette Harris, Founder, Harris Financial Coaching Roller Coaster Painting I recently read that painting roller coasters is a lucrative career. Employees can earn up to $75,000 plus extra when they have to travel for work. You're in amusement parks, get to enjoy the outdoors, and can listen to your own music all day long. Unless you have a fear of heights, that sounds like a relatively low-stress environment to work in! - Logan Mallory, Marketing VP, Motivosity Art Director If you've got an eye for art, have impeccable taste, and want a stress-free job, the career of an art director is what you should consider. Able to work in every creative industry, like TV production, video game development, or even advertising, you'll be able to do what you love and occupy positions that won't take a toll on your mental health. All you will have to worry about will be making every project you're involved in eye-catching and aesthetic. - Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD Chemical Engineer This will depend somewhat on the person - different people have unique stress and anxiety triggers, and the only way to identify those is through good old-fashioned self-awareness. I generally think of a low-stress job as one that has relaxed or long-term deadlines, a relatively independent and autonomous work environment, and little to no responsibility to determine or meet client expectations. By those standards, I would put chemical engineers among the least-stressed professionals. They're more likely to work in behind-the-scenes laboratory settings on the R&D side of companies, which is important and valuable work but often has less expectation for a fast turnaround than other roles in these organizations. As far as the pay, the median salary for chemical engineers is around $100,000 and can often be much higher. - Jon Hill, Chairman & CEO, The Energists Research Analyst Analytical jobs are generally low-stress jobs – and they're lucrative. Operations research analysts, for instance, rely on their math skills to take on complex issues. They crunch numbers and analyze trends and present their findings to business leaders, who usually make all the final decisions on strategies. Analysts are holed up in an office with little interaction and are generally left to their own devices. You would need to meet deadlines, but the job comes with very little stress otherwise. A lot of education is required, but once you make it as a research analyst, the job offers will keep coming. - Alan Ahdoot, Founder & Partner, Adamson Ahdoot Law Editing and Proofreading Proofreading and editing content are low-stress roles. Typically, as an editor, you are assigned several documents to look over per day. Most tasks have a flexible timeline, and the projects that require a quick turnaround can be prioritized over the others on your to-do list. Depending on the hours required of the role, you may be working full or part-time, but either way, the roles are paid well. You can get raises or higher initial salaries depending on your experience and if you specialize in a particular type of editing or if you are proofreading specialty documentation. - Torrey Hogan, Executive Assistant & Proofreader, Find My Profession Statistician The best role to take on if you are looking for a low level of stress but a high payout would be a Statistician. If you are a lover of numbers and facts but maybe not so much a lover of selling and communicating with customers and buyers, this job is perfect as you can crunch the numbers in the safety and peace of your home or office. - Tracey Beveridge, HR Director, Personnel Checks Orthodontist Orthodontists specialize in diagnosing, preventing, and correcting jaw and teeth irregularities. In practice, they fix not only misaligned teeth and bad bites but also– if not primarily - self-esteem. The average annual pay for an orthodontist in the United States is $304,842. A lot. At the same time, it is not a stressful job. After all, an orthodontist's primary goal is to give a patient a beautiful smile. Sounds positive, doesn't it? - Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, Resume Now Astronomer Observing the stars and studying exoplanets with ground-based equipment is a clear job choice. An astronomer leaves all the intense studies and stress in university. Instead, math, science, and research are the focus. With this career yielding a salary of 110k to 150k, this profession can land you a high-paying position at NASA. Secondly, researching and documenting data makes this job stress-free and a breath of fresh air from all the intense studies to obtain a doctoral degree. Finally, having the opportunity to embrace the darkness and silence of the night sky is a rewarding and fulfilling career if you prefer a calm work environment. - Benjamin Earley, CEO, HOLT Terkel creates community-driven content featuring expert insights. Sign up at to answer questions and get published.

  • 8 Tips To Save Money on Your Rent

    What's one way that someone can save money on their rent? To help you save money on your rent, we asked real estate agents and business leaders this question for their best advice. From paying annually instead of monthly to choosing a location outside the city, there are several tips that may help you find the best ways to save money on your rent. Here are eight tips to save money on your rent: ● Pay Annually Instead of Monthly ● Make Money Back by Renting When You're Away ● Rent Your Garage Out for Storage ● Parlay Excellent Tenant Behavior into Rent Reductions ● Arrange to Make a Refundable Pet Deposit ● Rent Closer To Your Work or School to Save on Commuting Cost ● Know The Market and Negotiate Appropriately ● Choose a Location Outside The City Pay Annually Instead of Monthly If you know you will be occupying for a considerable amount of time (and you have the funds to do so), see if your landlord will cut you a discount if you pay rent for the entire year. I was recently able to save some money for my small business by paying rent for a small office on an annual basis. I proposed the idea to my landlord, and he agreed to cut me a discount. It ended up saving my business hundreds of dollars. - Tate Meagher, Meagher Law Office, PLLC Make Money Back by Renting When You're Away Rent out your place when you're gone. If you have travel planned, you can make some money to put toward your rent by doing a temporary rental. While many listings on sites like Airbnb are full-time rental properties, it's not a requirement that they be. You can still list yours as available only on the dates you'll be gone. While this idea is not likely to cover your rent in full -- unless you are a frequent traveler -- it can help defray rent costs. - Lisa Odenweller, Kroma Wellness Rent Your Garage Out for Storage If you have extra space in your garage, offer to rent it out on websites like and It's a great way for you to subsidize your rent without having to take on a roommate. At the same time, it helps community members save money on expensive storage units. - Jae Pak, Jae Pak MD Medical Parlay Excellent Tenant Behavior into Rent Reductions Raising the bar on being a model tenant can lower your rent. Bad tenants are such emotional and financial nightmares for landlords that a landlord may be amenable to rent-related perks to keep excellent tenants. When my husband and I rented an old house in the Boston area from an elderly gentleman, we offered to take care of the substantial lawn and minor issues for a $100 monthly reduction in rent. After both parties lived up to the deal for several years, my husband was laid off. We asked our landlord to temporarily reduce the rent so that we could stay. Since he considered us excellent tenants, he agreed. - Karen Condor, Arrange to Make a Refundable Pet Deposit Pet owners occasionally have to pay pet rent for the privilege of cohabitating with their furry friends. Rather than pay a non-refundable fee for your dog or cat, if you have an individual landlord rather than a property company, you may be able to negotiate a pet deposit instead. You can agree to pay a certain amount upfront, and then as long as your little buddy doesn't wreck the place, you can get back the money when moving out. If you go this route, then be sure to document the apartment's condition before and after your pet settles in and the way you leave it, just in case your landlord is not as honest as they appear. - Carly Hill, Rent Closer To Your Work or School to Save on Commuting Cost Calculate your commuting expenses as part of your overall rent cost. Conventional wisdom tells you to pick less expensive neighborhoods when you're looking to save some money. But if you have to commute to work or school regularly, that cost should be part of your calculations. A higher monthly rent in an area that's closer to where you need to be may work out to lower expenses once you factor in gas prices or public transit. Lower rent is a good thing, but not if it forces you to spend more in other areas of your budget. - Rachel Reid, Subtl Beauty Know The Market and Negotiate Appropriately One way to save on rent is by knowing the market where you are renting. By gaining good knowledge of the area and knowing what kind of demand exists, you may be able to negotiate a rate with a landlord. This is especially true when you agree to a longer lease than normal. Offering a lower rate for rent but for a longer term can put the landlord in a comfortable position, knowing their rent will be guaranteed for a longer period. Another option would be offering to pay for several months upfront to the owner, giving them more cash flow immediately and the peace of mind of knowing that the following months are already paid for. - Johan Hajji, UpperKey Choose a Location Outside The City No one has to mention that living in the city is more expensive than living outside it. You can save money on rent by choosing a location that's out of the city but not far from your workplace or school. Find a more affordable housing option there while paying attention to transportation costs. Make sure you're spending less than you would in the city even after adding in the transport cost. - Mike Stuzzi, Online Entrepreneur Terkel creates community-driven content featuring expert insights. Sign up at to answer questions and get published.

  • Our Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico

    My husband (Dweise) was asked to officiate a 20-year vow renewal informally, so we took the time to enjoy an extended vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico. Here's an overview of our very exciting trip to Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, Mexico. Traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico - Day 1 Going to the Orlando International Airport was a breeze this time. Usually, when looking for parking, we circle the airport about two to three times before finding the right exit. This time we went straight through with no issues. Luggage check-in was also a breeze, and we had ample time to hang out before boarding our flight. There were two flights headed to Miami and Los Angeles, and there were a lot of people running to get their flights for the last call. Please take my advice, get to the airport at least two hours before your flight to avoid this. After getting off the plane, we got a private transport through Discova to Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos. We were greeted with Cerveza Del Pacifico and a van with A/C! We've been learning Spanish for two years, so we were able to speak to our driver in Spanish. He also spoke English and mentioned some of the sites we should see and the food we should eat. We also drove by a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos - Vacation Celebration (Video) Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos - DAY 1 / Check In When we arrived at the hotel had a private check-in. Our room had a great view of the Pacific Ocean and all of the activities. We stayed in the Club Oceanfront King. It included room service, a minibar, and access to the Club. After we were fully checked in, we headed to the Club, where we had a fantastic lunch of charred octopus, drinks, and dessert. The atmosphere was also very private, making it feel like we were secluded from the other guests. Later that night, we met at the Spirit of 1968 for a Meet & Greet, where the men and women received welcome gifts. The bride received a surprise purse from Louis Vuitton. Then Dweise and I played a couple of rounds of pool. I lost all three games. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I started feeling sick. Day 2 - Coffee, Pool, and Bachelorette Parties Oh My! Our first stop was the Coffee House. I got a macchiato, and Dweise got a very delicious frappe. Then we ventured up to the Club for a breakfast of omelets, bacon, fruit, and green juice. The spread included other options like oatmeal, hash browns, cheeses, and meats. After breakfast, we headed back to our room to relax before we headed to the pool next to the Baja Snack Bar. Before going to the pool, we stopped by the Healthy Bar LeMarie to get some green juice. Here's a complete menu offering. We hung out by the pool and ate some very delicious tacos. The pool water was a great temperature. You could walk right in without getting water shock. Around 1 PM, there was music and dancing around the pool. It was all the way live! For dinner, we went to the Italian restaurant Ziffaro. The food was your typical pasta, nothing too exciting. Later that night, we did a mini bachelorette party on the terrace of The Spirit of 1968. We had the area all to ourselves, and no reservation was required. It's first come, first serve if you want to celebrate an event in a certain area. Day 3 - Celebration Time We had our typical breakfast in the Club and chilled out in our room until it was time for the rehearsal for the ceremony. A lunch of charred Octopus at Coco Loco was a much-needed refresher. Coco Loco has two options, cold or hot, and it's located near the main pool. Later that evening, we attended the vow renewal. Look at Dweise; isn't he handsome? There was a reception with hor dourves and music afterward. Then we walked along the beach. Day 4 - Let's Try Something Different & COVID We went to the buffet for breakfast but were not very impressed. They had a lot of options to choose from, but it was your typical buffet breakfast. We can say we gave it a try. Needless to say, we'll have the rest of our breakfast meals in the Club. We were supposed to go on your of Los Cabos, but I ended up testing positive for COVID. So, we rescheduled it for later in the week. We ended up hanging out by the Baja Snack Bar and the adult pool. It's very secluded, and we were able to find a corner away from everyone. Before lunch, we ventured to La Comer to see what they had to offer. It was about a five-minute walk from the hotel, and as you walk there, people will come out of their stores to try and get you to purchase something. When we arrived in Los Cabos, our driver said La Comer was similar to Wal-Mart in the United States. It was! It had everything from food to clothes to a pharmacy. Before entering, one of the street vendors told us that someone would try to sell us a timeshare. Three separate individuals approached to go on a tour of their resort. We politely declined. We found everything we needed at La Comer, so if you forget something, it's cheaper to buy it there as opposed to in the gift shop. Day 5 - Friends & Food I finally started to feel better, so we spent the day by the pool with friends. Dinner was at the French restaurant Bon Vivant. I tried the Brioche Pate, Onion Soup, and the Potato Crusted Grouper. Dweise had the Wild Mushroom Duxell, the Lyonnaise Salad, and the Ribeye. The food was great, but Dweise did get his steak. He got scallops instead. We didn't complain and ate the very delicious scallops. Day 6 - My 40th Birthday Celebration We took a tour of San Cabos and celebrated my 40th birthday! The tour was booked through Viator. We use them for all of our excursions when traveling. We got on a van with Waldo as the tour guide and six other tourists. The tour started, and Waldo asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday to me! That was very nice! We drove past Lands End, Lover's Beach, and the Arch. It was about a 45-minute ride from the hotel to the boat ride to see the Arch. We had the option to go shopping, but Waldo advised against it in Cabo San Lucas. He said it was better in Los Cabos because we wouldn't be hounded or harassed. The boat ride took us past lovers beach, Neptunes Finger, Pacific's Window, and we even got to see a sea lion. We were also given tortillas to feed the fish. The next stop was the Glass Blowing Factory. On the way, we were given a lunch menu for later in the day. After the demonstration, we were able to purchase a few items from the factory. Then we headed to Jasmine's for lunch. We were driven through the central city, passed City Hall, and saw a few Uber and Taxi drivers arguing. Apparently, the taxi drivers are not a fan of Uber in Mexico. We had lunch at Los Tres Gallos. We started with chips and dip, an appetizer of empanadas, and an entree of mole con pollo. It was all very delicious, and the lunch portion was very large. After lunch, we walked back to the church near City Hall, and Waldo gave us a history lesson. Then we had pictures in front of the San Los Cabo sign in front of the church. Finally, we did some souvenir shopping and tequila and chocolate tasting before heading back to the hotel. We had a steak dinner at Hacienda Baja on the hotel's first floor. It's not on the hotel map, so it took us a while to locate it. If you visit this restaurant, try and be there by 5:30 for the six o clock opening. The line was incredibly long when we arrived at six. The steak dinner was delicious, but it was very loud in the restaurant as large groups of families and gatherings were being held there. After dinner, we were walking back to our room and found out that they have vendors come on the property every Monday to sell souvenirs and for a fiesta! There was food, music, and vendors everywhere. If you don't venture off the resort, this is the perfect opportunity to gather your souvenirs and eat some Mexican food. Beware that the prices are a little higher than they are at the souvenir shops off the resort. Day 7 - Back to Reality All in all, we had a great vacation. We were able to spend it with friends for their vow renewal. I turned 40 in another country with Dweise. I got COVID but didn't let it damper the celebration. You must make lemonade out of lemons and live the best life you can. I hope you enjoyed q glimpse into our travels and look forward to sharing my next journey into Sandals Curaçao in December. Buen Viaje!

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  • About Annette | Informed Finance Blog

    About Annette Annette Harris is a certified Financial Fitness Coach . She has been a noteworthy leader in the financial and human resources industry for over 13 years. She is a U.S. Army veteran and the Founder of Harris Financial Coaching. She can also be credited with volunteering with local and national nonprofit organizations. ​ Annette has helped military and civilian clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let Annette help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. Get in touch today to see what goals you can accomplish. My Story Annette has touched many lives while serving in the military and the human resources field. One day, she decided to expand her passion for service to others by striking out on her own journey. At a young age, Annette watched her mother manage the family's finances and, throughout her career, has worked with employees to explain compensation and benefits options. In this process of service to others, she developed a deep-seated passion for financial literacy education. Annette is a trusted financial coach that can help you achieve your goals. ​ Annette was honored with the 2021 Jacksonville Business Journal HR Impact Award for her contributions to the human resources field. She holds a Juris Master Degree from Florida State University and currently resides in Florida with her spouse and children. ​ What Else? Annette loves to travel and has a bucket list of places she would love to visit, like Spain, Hawaii, Egypt, and France. So far, she's visited Antigua, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, and Jamaica. Living in Florida and Georgia, she's visited all the hotspots like Savannah, Atlanta, Orlando, Tallahassee, and more. ​ Press Kit 👈🏾 ​ Harris Financial Coaching holds the following business certifications: Certified Military Spouse Owned; Florida Woman, Minority, & Veteran-Owned; and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business .

  • Informed Finance Blog - Save | Budget | Invest

    Connect with me! Recent Blog Posts Annette Harris 1 day ago 4 min 9 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well To help you identify the best low-stress jobs with good pay, leaders recommended jobs like Instructional Coaching, Researching, Astronomer 6 Annette Harris Aug 6 4 min 8 Tips To Save Money on Your Rent To help you save money on your rent, we asked real estate agents and business leaders this question for their best advice. From paying annua 26 Annette Harris Aug 4 6 min Our Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico Have you been thinking about a trip to Mexico? Here's my experience to Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, Mexico. It was filled with fun, food, and laugh 9 Annette Harris Jul 30 2 min Four Money Moves Women Should Make Today What money moves can you make to secure your financial future? 1. Ask for a raise 2. Start a side-hustle 3. Talk to your significant other 4 8 Annette Harris Blog Topics budgeting saving employment children family debt credit retirement entrepreneurship business couples grocery shopping investing Archive August 2022 (3) 3 posts July 2022 (7) 7 posts June 2022 (5) 5 posts May 2022 (5) 5 posts April 2022 (6) 6 posts March 2022 (7) 7 posts Credit Annette Harris 4 Ways to Protect Yourself From Credit or Debit Fraud Annette Harris Why Is My FICO Score Different Than My VantageScore? Annette Harris How To Protect Your Credit Against Emergencies And The Unexpected Annette Harris What Is Debt And Debt Management? Career Tips Annette Harris 9 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Annette Harris Tips to Help You Transition from Military to Civilian Life Annette Harris 8 Tips To Nail a Virtual Job Interview Annette Harris Four Resume Tips To Avoid Discrimination More Topics >>> Subscribe to the latest post! First Name Last Name Email I want to subscribe to receive the latest post and information. Submit Thanks for submitting! As Seen In

  • Press | Informed Finance

    Why Should You Work With Annette ? Annette has worked successfully with small groups of five people up to large audiences of attendees. Annette has spoken at military veteran events and with local audiences. She has been cited in over 100 articles from The Penny Hoarder, GoBankingRates, Military Family Magazine, and more. Annette has partnered with numerous other financial coaches and organizations in an effort to increase the financial literacy of the community. Annette was also a runner-up in the 2021 Black Women's Roundtable Pitch Competition. Annette Harris standing in front of a mural of Johnnetta Betsch Cole Annette Harris standing in front of a mural of Johnnetta Betsch Cole Harris Financial Coaching Chamber of Commerce Annette Harris receiving her Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Certificate for Harris Financial Coaching Annette Harris Glow Up Gyrl Annette Harris on the Glow Up, Gyrl Podcast Annette Harris standing in front of a mural of Johnnetta Betsch Cole Annette Harris standing in front of a mural of Johnnetta Betsch Cole 1/3 Download Annette's Media Kit Harris Financial Coaching Play Video Play Video 05:23 Harris Financial Coaching Each week on “Buzzworthy Veterans,” Ant Stroud talks to veterans who have been doing Buzzworthy things around the community. This week, Ant sat down with Annette Harris from Harris Financial Coaching. Annette provides financial coaching services to help individuals achieve their financial goals or work through difficult situations surrounding retirement planning, budgeting, or wealth building. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Website ➡️ Consultation ➡️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLOG➡️ Instagram ➡️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Start Your Wealth Building Journey Today! Building Wealth Course ➡️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #HarrisCashCoach #HarrisFinancialCoaching #PersonalFinance Play Video Play Video 03:52 Harris Financial Consulting; Annette Harris. Warrior Chapter, Service2CEO Graduation Pitch Harris Financial Consulting helps individuals achieve financial empowerment, freedom, and independence. If it’s getting your budget on track, determining your income and expenses, understanding and managing your credit, setting goals for retirement, or even having difficult conversations with your family about money at Harris Financial Coaching we’re here to help. Website: Linkedin: FaceBook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: About The Rosie Network. We believe those who serve our nation have earned the right to the American Dream of small business ownership. Our mission is their success. What is Service2CEO? Service2CEO is a free national award-winning entrepreneurship program for active-duty, veterans and military spouses. Combining online and classroom learning with mentors, subject matters experts and accountability partners, our comprehensive Service2CEO curriculum has a proven track record of empowering those who serve to successfully launch, grow and scale their business. The Rosie Network is a non-profit organization. Visit to learn more and donate TODAY to help us support military connected entrepreneurs. Federal Tax ID Number: 46-1522625 Play Video Play Video 07:32 Harris Financial Coaching - Business and Military Service Learn more about how I can help guide you in achieving your financial needs and a little bit about me too! Annette provides financial coaching services in order to help individuals achieve their financial goals or work through difficult situations surrounding retirement planning, budgeting, or wealth building. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Website ➡️ Consultation ➡️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLOG➡️ Instagram ➡️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Start Your Wealth Building Journey Today! Building Wealth Course ➡️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #HarrisCashCoach #HarrisFinancialCoaching #PersonalFinance Play Video Play Video 31:29 Glow Up, Gyrl Podcast: Season 2: Episode 34: Reaching Financial Freedom We're kicking off the new year with Financial Coach, Annette Harris. We're talking all things finance and how you can achieve financial freedom. Annette will share her personal journey to financial freedom as well as some key things you need to do to begin your journey. Learn more about Annette at Follow Annette on Instagram @harriscashcoach Play Video Play Video 13:53 Couple Became Debt Free After Paying Off Over $400k, Saving Them Over $140k #FinancialLiteracy #WomenAndMoney #WomensEmpowerment #DebtFree #Moneygoals In this video, I interviewed a fabulous couple, Annette and Dweise. They shared about how they worked together to become debt-free. They explain how becoming debt-free is very much attainable. 6 Steps to Set Goals and Achieve them ➡️ Top 5 Goal for 2021➡️ Budget Basics video➡️ Welcome to my channel! This channel is all about financial literacy. I empower women, in particular, to become financially literate or increase their financial literacy. I will share financial information to assist you to achieve your financial goals whether they be, getting out of debt, planning for your retirement, and more. I'm dedicated to seeing you accomplish your goals. Follow me on Twitter: @women_financial Instagram: @womensfinancialempowermentgrp Like my business page Facebook: Women's Financial Empowerment Group Join my private group: Women's Financial Empowerment Group (WFEG) Visit my website for a free consultation for financial coaching or bookings: Contact me at Play Video Play Video 28:28 Ep 031: Is Budgeting a Dirty Word? Begin With the End in Mind! Annette Harris – The Confident Retirement Podcast with Kris Flammang Episode 031 Is Budgeting a Dirty Word? Begin With the End in Mind! Featuring Annette Harris, Harris Financial Consulting Annette Harris, Founder of Harris Financial Coaching, is a lifelong learner with nine degrees, a military veteran, mother, and has a great passion for personal fitness. Annette is just as passionate about the importance of financial literacy and creating a safe space for having her clients feel comfortable when having conversations about debt management, budgeting and other money matters. Her values are clear, as she believes in operating in a respectful environment. Her business is growing, and she is expanding to better serve military veterans. We filled our conversation with insights, including: Build a habit for budgeting and be consistent. Set up a personal reward system. Don’t use credit if you don’t need it. Make financial literacy a family conversation. Using a vision board and money mantras. Be inspired and enjoy the show! Connect with Annette: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: Connect with Kris Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @kflammang

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