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  • Discover Budget-Friendly Amazon Summer Finds for Travel & Home!

    Are you a wanderlust at heart, always dreaming of your next adventure? If you've been following me for a while, you know I love to travel ! So, do you want to look stylish on your travels without breaking the bank? Look no further because I have scoured Amazon to bring you the best budget-friendly fashion finds perfect for your next travel adventure or a fun summer at home! As an Amazon Associate , I earn from qualifying purchases. Summer Fun at Home and Abroad Effortlessly Stylish Crochet Finds Country Gingham and Grammar Staying Fit and Cool at Home Let's dive into our top picks for this summer: Effortlessly Stylish Crochet Finds Why worry about coordinating a top and bottom when you can slip into a swimsuit or dress instead? These versatile pieces are travel essentials. They are comfortable for long flights or hanging out on the beach and are also easy to dress up or down. Crochet Swimsuit Cover I've been absolutely loving this cover-up! It provides great coverage and is the perfect length for me at 5'4". It's so lightweight and comfortable that I've worn it several times. Plus, the neutral color goes with everything, making it a versatile and stylish piece for my wardrobe and yours! Men 's Knit Button Down Short Sleeve Polo The vintage design of this amazing shirt, combined with the short sleeves and button-down feature, gives it a classy yet casual look that's perfect for any occasion. The knit texture adds a unique touch that sets it apart from other shirts. Comfort is outstanding—the fabric is soft and breathable, the fit is just right, and it maintains its comfort even after a full day of wear. The quality is equally impressive, with sturdy stitching and securely attached buttons that have held up well after several washes. My husband couldn't be happier with this shirt—it's a winner! Summer Mini Dress with a Crochet Hem Comfort is essential, especially for everyday activities. This summer dress is versatile, suitable for work, the beach, or home, and easy to style. Its lightweight knitted fabric provides a unique texture, keeping you cool on hot days. The dress accommodates a regular bra and cleverly conceals tummy imperfections, boosting confidence. This summer dress is a valuable addition to any wardrobe with its comfort and versatility. Two Piece Summer Knit Set Looking to add some flair to your summer wardrobe? Check out this fabulous two-piece knit set! The sleeveless top and wide-leg pants make for a stylish and comfortable option. Consider sizing up for that perfect flowy look to avoid material hugging your body. Although the fabric is on the thinner side and slightly see-through, you can easily solve this by wearing a thin white top underneath. Country Gingham and Grammar Yes, the influence of Beyoncé's latest album and the current trend in country music has sparked a resurgence in fashion choices. Combining denim and plaid has become popular, blending urban chic with rural charm. Beyoncé's music exudes confidence and empowerment, which translates into a bold and expressive fashion sense. So, whether you're rocking denim and plaid in the city streets or at a country music festival, you're sure to make a stylish statement that captures the essence of urban cool and rural charm. Western Cowgirl Cowboy Ankle Boots These Western Cowgirl Cowboy Ankle Boots fit just right and leave enough room in the toe area to prevent discomfort. The pointed-toe design adds a touch of elegance, while the inside zipper makes them easy to put on and take off. The stitching detail on the boots showcases quality craftsmanship and lets you know they will last a long time. Also, the low heel gives you a little lift without discomfort, especially when you're at a concert or riding an ATV. Paisley Print/Solid Bandana Tube Crop Top The Paisley Print/Solid Bandana Tube Crop Top is perfect for a hot day out or a summer concert. The lively paisley print can complement any outfit beautifully. It comes in over 20 colors, so you can mix and match it with multiple outfits. It's also double-lined, which offers ample support without the need for a bra. Moreover, the lightweight fabric makes it easy to wear so that you can move and dance freely. Denim Overall Shorts Jean Romper with Pockets When it comes to casual yet stylish summer outfits, these Denim Overall Shorts Jean Romper with Pockets are a must-have. The relaxed, baggy fit not only provides comfort but also exudes a trendy and effortless vibe. Pairing these overall shorts with a fitted ribbed tank underneath creates a chic and balanced look. The contrast between the loose silhouette of the romper and the snug fit of the tank top adds dimension to the outfit, enhancing its overall appeal. Plaid Square Neck Crop Tank - Gingham Lace This Gingham Lace top not only looks cute but also offers a comfortable, stretchy fit that stays true to size. The intricate lace detailing adds a touch of elegance to the overall look, making it a versatile wardrobe staple for the summer season. Whether you pair it with high-waisted denim shorts for a casual day out or dress it up with a flowy skirt for a more sophisticated ensemble, this top is sure to make a statement. Staying Fit and Cool at Home It's been an extremely hot summer, and staying cool should be at the top of your list. However, drinking water doesn't have to be boring, and there are so many other beverages you can drink while watching a movie or getting fit. Below are a few items that can help you stay cool this summer. Stanley Cup Ice Cube Silicone Tray This is my favorite ice mold! What's really neat about the Stanley Cup Ice Cube Tray is how perfectly it fits your cup and straw—no more struggling with giant ice cubes that won't fit or tiny ones that do nothing. These heart-shaped ice cubes are just the right size to chill your drinks without any hassle and don't block your straw. It is a little floppy, so put it on a saucer so you won't spill water when walking it to the freezer. Countertop, Portable Ice Machine Portable ice makers like the COWSAR offer convenience by quickly producing ice on demand, eliminating the need to buy bags of ice or wait for ice cube trays to freeze. It's compact and suitable for small kitchens, RVs, or other limited spaces when you're traveling. They typically produce ice cubes in a relatively short amount of time (6 to 15 minutes), and many models have a self-cleaning feature to simplify maintenance. I prefer this ice maker because I hate the hotel lobby ice makers. Slim Compact Treadmill If you haven't started our summer workout routine, it's not too late. With the Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill , you don't have to endure the summer heat. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking to enhance your training or a beginner taking the first steps towards a more active lifestyle, this treadmill offers a convenient and effective solution to stay fit and motivated all year round without the gym costs. The Summer I Turned Pretty The Summer I Turned Pretty, a coming-of-age romantic drama on Amazon Prime , follows Belly Conklin, a teenager on the cusp of 16. Belly escapes to Cousins Beach with her mom and brother each summer, reuniting with their close family friends, the Fishers – Susannah (practically a second mom) and her sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. This summer feels different, though. The series explores a love triangle, friendship and family, and self-discovery. If you're looking for a show with romance, summer vibes, and the complexities of growing up, The Summer I Turned Pretty is a delightful watch on Amazon Prime. What are you going to get into this summer? With these budget-friendly Amazon Prime summer finds, you can conquer the world without emptying your wallet. So pack your bags, embrace the wanderlust within you, or hang out on the couch for a relaxing summer. Head to Amazon Prime and discover these stylish picks today! Here's a free Amazon Prime trial offer just for you. Happy travels, fashionable adventures, and a relaxing summer ahead! ✈️🌍🛍 Follow my travel journeys!

  • Valuable Budgeting Apps, Investment Platforms, and Robo-Advisors

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by your finances? You're not alone. The good news is that navigating the world of personal finance has been revolutionized by cutting-edge tools. I've discovered a few apps and tools that can help you manage your finances successfully. I've also contacted a few financial experts to uncover the most helpful features they've encountered. From key budgeting app features to a comprehensive financial overview with Personal Capital, here are the top budgeting apps, investment platforms, and robo-advisors to consider. Top Budgeting Apps, Investment Platforms, and Robo-Advisors Budgeting Apps You Need a Budget Personal Capital Investment Platforms Charles Schwab & Fidelity Investments Vanguard Robinhood and E*TRADE Robo-Advisors Betterment Wealthfront Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Choosing the Right Tools Top Budgeting Apps You Need A Budget (YNAB) Unlike traditional budgeting, where you estimate future finances, YNAB focuses on what you have right now. You assign every dollar you own (income) a job by allocating it to specific spending categories (rent, groceries) or future expense buckets (vacation fund). This ensures you avoid overspending and plan for infrequent costs by regularly setting aside smaller amounts. YNAB is flexible, too, allowing you to adjust your plan as needed. To get started, you create categories for your expenses and goals, enter your income, and then assign available funds to those categories until there's nothing left. Personal Capital According to Brandon Thor , CEO, Thor Metals Group , he uses Personal Capital to manage his money and monitor the investing world with a variety of simple tools that make everything easier. "I'm especially fond of Personal Capital. It combines all my financial accounts and gives me a clear picture of my spending, investments, and retirement plans. This kind of big-picture view is incredibly valuable to me." Personal Capital goes beyond budgeting, offering a holistic view of your finances. This app also provides educational resources to help you make informed financial decisions. According to Stephen Boatman , Principal & Financial Planner, Flat Fee Financial ,  he's found that the most useful features in a budgeting app would be one that has the following: An intuitive user interface The ability to sync with bank accounts and credit cards Auto-categorizing of expenses The ability to manually categorize expenses Notification of recurring expenses Investment Platforms Industry Leaders: Education and Choice Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments are well-established platforms offering a wide range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. They cater to beginner and experienced investors with educational resources and commission-free stock and ETF trades. Their user-friendly platforms and vast research tools empower you to make informed investment decisions. Vanguard: The Low-Cost Champion Vanguard is a haven for long-term investors seeking a diversified portfolio at minimal cost. They specialize in low-cost index funds, which offer broad market exposure without the burden of high fees. Vanguard provides various investment accounts and educational resources to help you invest confidently. Robinhood and E*TRADE: Geared for Different Investors Robinhood and E*TRADE are popular for their commission-free stock and ETF trades. However, they target different investor types. Robinhood boasts a user-friendly mobile app ideal for beginners but offers limited investment options. E*TRADE provides a more robust platform with advanced tools for research and analysis, catering to active traders. Thor is always looking for ways to maximize his investment, so he looks for ways to trade stocks without paying commission fees. To do this, he's turned to Robinhood and E*TRADE. According to Thor, they're fantastic because they allow him to make fast and smart decisions about his investments. When it comes to keeping an eye on super useful prices, he also trusts apps like Kitco and BullionVault. He states they're great for staying on top of market trends and getting price alerts. Boatman has found that the most valuable features to look for when choosing an investment platform are ones that have the following: Easy account setup and money movements No trade fees Not selling your data to hedge funds, such as Robinhood Best-efforts execution Access to high-interest-rate cash holdings Educational resources for account types, investment options, and phone/email support Robo-Advisors Betterment & Wealthfront A pioneer in robo-advising, Betterment offers automated investing with low fees. It caters to a wide range of investors and has a user-friendly interface. Wealthfront focuses on tax-optimized investing and offers advanced features like portfolio risk parity. It's a good fit for those seeking a more sophisticated approach. Thor prefers Betterment and Wealthfront because they automate a lot of the investment process. These apps consider my financial goals and how much risk I'm comfortable taking, which saves me a ton of time and effort. These tools don't just help me manage my finances—they keep me informed and ready to adapt as opportunities or challenges arise. - Thor Schwab Intelligent Portfolios This service from Charles Schwab provides automated investing with a focus on low costs. It's a solid option for those who trust Schwab's brand and investment philosophy. Boatman also has the following advice when choosing Robo-Advisors and prefers ones that have: Low fund fees Flexibility within pre-determined portfolios Low educational need of the user when using a robo-advisor Factor-tilted funds Choosing the Right Tools The best tools for you depend on your financial goals and experience level. Here are some tips: Budgeting Apps:  Consider your budgeting style. Do you prefer a zero-based approach (YNAB) or a more traditional method like Personal Capital? Investment Platforms:  Evaluate your investing goals. Are you looking for low-cost index funds (Vanguard) or a platform with extensive research tools (Schwab)? Robo-Advisors:  Assess your comfort level with managing investments. Robo-advisors are ideal for hands-off investors, while experienced investors may prefer a more traditional brokerage account. Remember:  These tools are meant to empower you, not replace financial planning. Schedule a time today for more guidance on planning your path forward! For complex situations, consider consulting a professional financial advisor. By leveraging budgeting apps, investment platforms, and robo-advisors, you can take control of your finances and build a brighter financial future!

  • 12 Best Personal Finance Books for Beginners

    Do you find yourself facing financial difficulties with no clear solution in sight? I've consulted financial coaches and business leaders to compile a list of the top personal finance books for beginners. With titles like Your Money Or Your Life, Surviving Debt, and The Total Money Makeover, these books offer valuable insights and guidance to help beginner readers learn how to manage their finances effectively. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Best Personal Finance Books for Beginners Your Money Or Your Life by Vicki Robin Surviving Debt by National Consumer Law Center The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry You're So Money: Live Rich Even When You're Not by Farnoosh Torabi The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey 1. Your Money Or Your Life by Vicki Robin This is an oldie but goodie when it comes to evaluating the true "hourly rate" from your job and what additional costs you may incur from your work, such as commuting, health, de-stressing activities, etc. This helps to put your work into perspective, consider other jobs that may have a higher "hourly rate," and also use this hourly rate to reconsider the items you may want to buy (or not) given the true "cost." The end goal is to save for early retirement, in which you are able to stop working when you are healthy, happy, and satisfied with what you have. - Kristine Thorndyke, Test Prep Nerds 2. Surviving Debt by National Consumer Law Center Surviving Debt was published by the National Consumer Law Center and provides helpful advice for various debt situations. You can find ways to establish a budget, prioritize debts, respond to debt collectors, and know how to avoid and identify scams. Surviving Debt also provides valuable tools and resources to help you get out of debt, including sample debt response letters, bankruptcy resources, and agencies you can contact to find additional help. - Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching 3. The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest The Mountain is You, by Brianna Wiest, is a fantastic book that can help you look within to determine how you can deal with financial challenges in your life. Often, "the mountain" symbolizes the big challenges we encounter in our lives, especially ones that seem insurmountable. Almost always, problems with finances seem impossible to figure out. To overcome these mountains, we have to do the deep internal work of understanding how we got ourselves into our current situation. Ultimately, it is not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves. - Jonathan Zacharias, GR0 4. Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich is a great book for young people learning about finances and adults seeking better financial practices. It's a classic book that can help build a good foundation for monetary practices or lead to someone reassessing bad habits. While there are more specialized books for businesses, investments, and retirement packages, this book is a great place to start. - Rob Bartlett, WTFast 5. The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch is a book I recommend to anyone who is facing financial problems on an ongoing basis. The premise is that 80% of all our results in business and life come from 20% of our efforts. Individuals who follow this principle tend to do well personally and professionally. The key is to focus on factors in life that we can control and put our energy in the right places. - Jorge Vivar, Mode 6. I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" by Ramit Sethi is one of my go-to recommendations for financial health how-to. The book breaks down financial literacy into simple steps and best practices. It emphasizes aligning your priorities and financial means and designing a sustainable system rather than simply trying to abstain from spending. Rather than shame spenders, Sethi shames financial institutions that seek to fleece consumers and make the process confusing, outlines some more client-centric companies, and lays out simple strategies to be smarter about money, pay down debt, manage bills, and invest for the future. - Carly Hill, 7. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki. It is a great book on how to develop financial intelligence. What's more, it advocates the importance of financial literacy. What I really appreciate is that the book doesn't give you ready-made solutions. It instead provokes thought, encourages self-analysis, and guides you. Thanks to that, you can reshape your attitudes towards money. Very inspiring, insightful, and written in a "nice-to-read" manner. - Agata Szczepanek, MyPerfectResume 8. The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel is an excellent investigation into further understanding human behavior and money. The success of this book is the deep dive into the human psyche and the gain of further insight into why your mood can increase and decrease spending habits. Lastly, if financial problems are a struggle, get to the root of why you spend and shift your thinking. This incredible book opens opportunities for enlightenment and improving your financial state. - Yooseok gong, Ohora 9. Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup Many good books are on the market, and those with practical advice are helpful. However, you must get to the root of the problem before you solve your financial woes. The root is your relationship with money. For that, an excellent place to start is reading "Money, A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want" by Kate Northrup. This is an excellent book because the author doesn't judge you. She paid off thousands in debt herself. Often, practical books leave you feeling like you can't get there from here, but this book leaves you feeling that the author understands you. She can guide you through your financial mess with doable solutions you can implement now. - Steve Mascarin, Taunton Village Dental 10. Broke Millennial by Erin Lowry Millennials are often defamed for having poor financial habits. Therefore, the book Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping by and Get Your Financial Life Together is the best one to help you solve your financial riddles. This book was published in 2017, and it's about personal finance written by a millennial for millennials. It has been seen that people are saddled with student loan debt and encounter an economy where gigs are in and lifetime employment is out; it's difficult to blame them. The author of this book, who kick-started as a financial professional, wrote a blog of the same name and made videos for a famous YouTube channel. - Shivanshi Srivastava, PaydayLoansUK 11. You're So Money: Live Rich Even When You're Not by Farnoosh Torabi This personal finance book by Farnoosh Torabi is written in humorous language that is easy to follow and ensures better comprehension of the different personal finance concepts the author introduces in the book. I love this book because it is practical and offers realistic steps to reducing your debt level, budgeting your income, saving, and investing. She captures the readers with her excellent narration and experience as the best teacher. - Mehtab Ahmed, LoansJury 12. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness Financial problems can only be resolved when you have a blanket solution that works on every level. Unless you put such a comprehensive solution to work, there will always be leaks in your financial boat. This book by Dave Ramsey gives you the right plans, helps you unravel myths, and nudges you to take practical action to strengthen your financial position. This book does everything from showing you how to work towards living a debt-free life to teaching you how to build a growth-oriented financial future with the resources you have at hand. - Riley Beam, Douglas R. Beam, P.A.

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  • Financial Videos | Informed Finance

    Video Resources The Informed Finance Blog addresses a variety of topics surrounding wealth management and money saving strategies, and we believe it’s important to provide up-to-date resources for our users. Check this section often to stay in the know with video updates of the latest trends. Subscribe on YouTube for more helpful advice. Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied How to Teach Kids About Money Play Video Play Video 00:27 Why Keeping Track of Your Spending is Important Each one teach one. Parents make mistakes too, and forgetting to submit a bill payment can easily happen. However, setting up automatic payments and checking your bills at least monthly can ensure that you keep your payments on track. Having conversations with your children about life lessons is important. Every nugget of advice you give them will make them more productive citizens and give them the ability to function successfully when they leave the nest. What better way to see your teaching in action than your children modeling the behaviors and practices you taught them! Website ➡️ BLOG➡️ Instagram ➡️ #HarrisCashCoach #teenagerslifehack #senior2023 #financiallyliterate #payingoffdebt #payingbills #generationalknowledge Play Video Play Video 01:47 Fun and Educational Money Books for Kids | Mommy Can You Teach Me The "Mommy Can You Teach Me?" series on Amazon is a collection of children's books designed to make learning about money fun and engaging for young readers (ages 3-8). Check them out on Amazon! Mommy, Can You Teach Me About Money? (Book 1): Explores basic money concepts like earning, spending, saving, and budgeting. Mommy, Can You Teach Me How to Save? (Book 2): Focuses on the importance of saving money and building good financial habits. Mommy, Can You Teach Me How to Budgett? (Book 3): Introduces budgeting skills and the importance of setting goals Mommy, Can You Teach Me About Investing? (Book 4): This book is coming soon and teaches children about low, moderate, and high-risk investing. #kidsandmoney #financial literacy #childrensbooks #savingmoney #financialeducation Play Video Play Video 00:26 Teach Me How to Invest | Young Adult Book Mom, Can You Teach Me How to Invest? is now available on Kindle and via Paperback! This book is designed to inspire teenagers to uncover their true motivations for investing through relatable analogies and interactive reflection questions. Join Destiny and Trey on yet another exciting journey into the world of investing that is both interesting and engaging. Get your copy today: Author Page: ➡️ Website ➡️ #kindleebook #kindleunlimited #childrensbooks Play Video Play Video 00:51 Storytime with Annette Harris | Youth Financial Literacy Author Annette Harris on the and how to win the financial game! Empowering Black youth about money matters! Watch author Annette Harris read excerpts from her book, "The Great Money Quest," to a young, engaged group. This is a fun and insightful look at financial literacy for the next generation. Their faces lit up with joy as they saw characters that resembled them, reminding them that they too can reach their goals and dreams. #BlackExcellence #FinancialLiteracy #TheGreatMoneyQuest Play Video Play Video 01:37 Book Release Update | The ABC’s of Money for Little Spenders We have some great news to share with you! The ABCs of Money for Little Spenders is now available for pre-order and will start shipping from May 1st. This engaging book is designed to introduce children to the world of money while also teaching them the alphabet. With fun illustrations and relatable examples, the ABCs of Money for Little Spenders is the perfect way to help your child develop important financial skills from a young age. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to instill good money habits in your little ones. Order your copy of the ABCs of Money for Little Spenders today and watch your child's financial literacy soar! Get your copy today: #childrensbookauthor #financialliteracyforkids #kidsbooksonline

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