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Our Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos
Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos photo by Author

An Overview of Our Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico

My husband (Dweise) was asked to officiate a 20-year vow renewal informally, so we took the time to enjoy an extended vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico. Here's an overview of our very exciting trip to Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, Mexico.

Traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico - Day 1

Going to the Orlando International Airport was a breeze this time. Usually, when looking for parking, we circle the airport about two to three times before finding the right exit. This time we went straight through with no issues. Luggage check-in was also a breeze, and we had ample time to hang out before boarding our flight. There were two flights headed to Miami and Los Angeles, and many people were running to get their flights for the last call. Please take my advice, get to the airport at least two hours before your flight to avoid this.

After getting off the plane, we got a private transport through Discova to Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos. We were greeted with Cerveza Del Pacifico and a van with A/C! We've been learning Spanish for two years, so we were able to speak to our driver in Spanish. He also spoke English and mentioned some of the sites we should see and the food we should eat. We also drove by a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos - Vacation Celebration (Video)

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos - DAY 1 / Check In

When we arrived at the hotel had a private check-in. Our room had a great view of the Pacific Ocean and the activities. We stayed in the Club Oceanfront King. It included room service, a minibar, and access to the Club. After we were fully checked in, we headed to the Club, where we had a fantastic lunch of charred octopus, drinks, and dessert. The atmosphere was also very private, making it feel like we were secluded from the other guests.

Later that night, we met at the Spirit of 1968 for a Meet & Greet, where the men and women received welcome gifts. The bride received a surprise purse from Louis Vuitton. Then Dweise and I played a couple of rounds of pool. I lost all three games. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I started feeling sick.

Day 2 - Coffee, Pool, and Bachelorette Parties Oh My!

Our first stop was the Coffee House. I got a macchiato, and Dweise got a very delicious frappe. Then we ventured up to the Club for a breakfast of omelets, bacon, fruit, and green juice. The spread included other options like oatmeal, hash browns, cheeses, and meats. After breakfast, we returned to our room to relax before heading to the pool next to the Baja Snack Bar.

Before going to the pool, we stopped by the Healthy Bar LeMarie to get some green juice. Here's a complete menu offering.

Healthy Bar LeMarie Menu
Healthy Bar LeMarie Menu photo by Author

We hung out by the pool and ate some very delicious tacos. The pool water was a great temperature. You could walk right in without getting water shock. Around 1 PM, there was music and dancing around the pool. It was all the way live! For dinner, we went to the Italian restaurant Ziffaro. The food was your typical pasta, nothing too exciting.

Later that night, we did a mini bachelorette party on the terrace of The Spirit of 1968. We had the area all to ourselves, and no reservation was required. It's first come, first serve if you want to celebrate an event in a certain area.

Day 3 - Celebration Time

We had our typical breakfast in the Club and chilled out in our room until it was time for the rehearsal for the ceremony. A lunch of charred Octopus at Coco Loco was a much-needed refresher. Coco Loco has two options, cold or hot, and it's located near the main pool.

Later that evening, we attended the vow renewal. Look at Dweise; isn't he handsome?

Dweise Harris

There was a reception with h'ordourves and music afterward. Then we walked along the beach.

Annette & Dweise Harris standing on Beach

Day 4 - Let's Try Something Different

We went to the buffet for breakfast but were not very impressed. They had a lot of options to choose from, but it was your typical buffet breakfast. We can say we gave it a try. Needless to say, we'll have the rest of our breakfast meals in the Club.

We were supposed to go on a tour of Los Cabos, but I wasn't feeling too well. So, we rescheduled it for later in the week. We ended up hanging out by the Baja Snack Bar and the adult pool. It's very secluded, and we were able to find a corner away from everyone.

Adult Pool at Hyatt Ziva
Adult Pool at Hyatt Ziva photo by Author

Before lunch, we ventured to La Comer to see what they had to offer. It was about a five-minute walk from the hotel, and as you walk there, people will come out of their stores to try and get you to purchase something.

When we arrived in Los Cabos, our driver said La Comer was similar to Wal-Mart in the United States. It was! It had everything from food to clothes to a pharmacy. Before entering, one street vendor told us someone would try to sell us a timeshare. Three separate individuals approached us to go on a tour of their resort. We politely declined.

We found everything we needed at La Comer, so if you forget something, it's cheaper to buy it there as opposed to in the gift shop.

Day 5 - Friends & Food

I finally started to feel better, so we spent the day by the pool with friends. Dinner was at the French restaurant Bon Vivant.

Table Setting at Bon Vivant
Bon Vivant photo by Author

I tried the Brioche Pate, Onion Soup, and the Potato Crusted Grouper. Dweise had the Wild Mushroom Duxell, the Lyonnaise Salad, and the Ribeye. The food was great, but Dweise did get his steak. He got scallops instead. We didn't complain and ate the very delicious scallops.

Day 6 - My 40th Birthday Celebration

We took a tour of San Cabos and celebrated my 40th birthday! The tour was booked through Viator. We use them for all of our excursions when traveling.

Annette Harris turning 40
Annette Celebrating 40!

We got on a van with Waldo as the tour guide and six other tourists. The tour started, and Waldo asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday to me! That was very nice!

We drove past Lands End, Lover's Beach, and the Arch. It was about a 45-minute ride from the hotel to the boat ride to see the Arch. We had the option to go shopping, but Waldo advised against it in Cabo San Lucas. He said it was better in Los Cabos because we wouldn't be hounded or harassed.

The Arch in Mexico
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

The boat ride took us past lovers beach, Neptunes Finger, Pacific's Window, and we even saw a sea lion. We were also given tortillas to feed the fish. The next stop was the Glass Blowing Factory. On the way, we were given a lunch menu for later in the day.

Glass Blowers making a turtle

After the demonstration, we were able to purchase a few items from the factory. Then we headed to Jasmine's for lunch. We were driven through the central city, passed City Hall, and saw a few Uber and Taxi drivers arguing. Apparently, the taxi drivers are not a fan of Uber in Mexico.

We had lunch at Los Tres Gallos. We started with chips and dip, an appetizer of empanadas, and an entree of mole con pollo. It was all very delicious, and the lunch portion was very large. After lunch, we walked back to the church near City Hall, and Waldo gave us a history lesson.

Then we had pictures in front of the San Los Cabo sign in front of the church.

San Jose del Cabo sign

Finally, we did some souvenir shopping, tequila and chocolate tasting before returning to the hotel.

We had a steak dinner at Hacienda Baja on the hotel's first floor. It's not on the hotel map, so it took us a while to locate it. If you visit this restaurant, try and be there by 5:30 for the six o clock opening. The line was incredibly long when we arrived at six. The steak dinner was delicious, but it was very loud in the restaurant as large groups of families and gatherings were being held there.

After dinner, we were walking back to our room and found out that they have vendors come on the property every Monday to sell souvenirs and for a fiesta! There was food, music, and vendors everywhere. If you don't venture off the resort, this is the perfect opportunity to gather your souvenirs and eat some Mexican food.

Beware that the prices are slightly higher than at the souvenir shops off the resort.

Day 7 - Back to Reality

All in all, we had a great vacation. We were able to spend it with friends for their vow renewal. I turned 40 in another country with Dweise. I got COVID but didn't let it damper the celebration. You must make lemonade out of lemons and live the best life you can.

I hope you enjoyed q glimpse into our travels and look forward to sharing my next journey into Sandals Curaçao in December.

Buen Viaje!

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