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How To Reduce Credit Card Debt In 3 Easy Steps

Reducing credit card debt could be as easy as changing some of your regular spending habits. For example, you could eliminate your coffee purchases on the way to work. Instead, you can use the company-provided coffee and save over $1,000 a year. What about bringing your lunch instead of buying it from the cafeteria or a fast-food restaurant? I'll be generous and estimate that you could save at least $2,000 a year by packing a lunch instead of eating out daily. I don't want to forget to mention that it's a lot healthier and can decrease your waistline as well.

3 easy steps to reduce your credit card debt and build wealth.

Steps to Pay Off Your Credit Cards

  1. Evaluate your previous month's credit card bills and find purchases that you could have paid cash for.

  2. Make a rule to pay cash for any purchases under $20.

  3. Write down your rule and keep it in your car or on your desk at work as a reminder.

Follow these three steps to achieve your credit goals and build wealth. Here's a great book that can help you on your credit journey. Your Score: An Insider's Secrets to Understanding, Controlling, and Protecting Your Credit Score (Ad)

See How to Get an 800 Credit Score to see how my husband and I built and maintained our credit score.

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