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How To Network In Human Resources

HR is a constantly evolving field. Changes to federal and state laws can be complex and overwhelming. Networking with other HR professionals enables you to be aware of changes in the industry. More importantly, you can share resources and ideas with other senior professionals. The complexity of laws and workplace situations can become even more challenging if you are an HR department of one. Networking with other HR professionals can enhance your knowledge and ability to tackle any situation you are presented with.

How Do You Connect With Other HR Professionals?

You can connect with other HR professionals in forums, professional HR organizations, professional networking events, and on LinkedIn. Multiple HR forums enable HR professionals to ask questions and share their knowledge in their area of specialization. By joining local and national organizations such as the Society for Human Resources Management, WorldatWork, and other organizations, HR professionals will attend events and receive valuable information relevant to the industry. Finally, LinkedIn is also a valuable resource that readily allows you to connect and share information, resources, and potential job opportunities.

How Do I Connect During A Pandemic?

Connecting with other HR professionals has changed during the pandemic and forced many organizations to use virtual events and resources to share information. Currently and in the future, organizations are offering virtual and in-person options as a means of networking. Some of these events provide virtual meetups before the event begins to enable connectivity. In the past, HR events were only available in person. However, offering a hybrid training method in the future will increase HR professionals' ability to attend events in which valuable resources are shared.

4 Best Practices for Networking

  • Attend professional networking events that are relevant to HR and connect in person with others;

  • Become a valuable resource by contributing to HR forums;

  • Create content and ask questions that lead to value-added conversations;

  • Make genuine connections on LinkedIn and follow up with individuals to get more out of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Whatever method of networking you use can enhance your net worth. There's a saying that "No man is an island...every man is a piece of the continent," by poet John Donne. This means that we work better together, and your value and career will prosper through networking and learning from others.

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