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How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Creating Memorable Content

If you don't have memorable or helpful content on your blog, your traffic will not increase. Ensuring that you provide useful, memorable, or entertaining content to your readers is the first step in getting readers to your website. If your blog is general and doesn't tailor to a specific target market, it's going to be difficult to keep your readers consistent. Selecting a specific demographic or group of readers that you're righting to can help you tailor future blog posts and create content that helps you maintain consistent readership.

Publish Consistently

How often are you going to publish? Is it going to be daily, weekly, monthly, or randomly throughout the year? It's important to pick a cadence when publishing your content. Publishing consistent and valuable content will let your followers know when to come back to your website for new blog posts. I publish every Saturday and ensure that I have a consistent slew of articles prepared in advance. So, if I need to travel for a week or two, I don't have to worry about my blog losing traffic. Note: You do not have to publish daily. If you don't have content to publish that's valuable, then don't post it.

Collaborate With Other Authors

Do you find it difficult to create consistent and valuable content? Well, collaborate with other like-minded authors. This can be on a for-fee basis, or they can post on your blog for free. If they are struggling to create an audience like you are, collaborating can increase traffic to your blog and help them build their brand. There should be a few stipulations when you add authors to your blog. Their content should be similar to the overall content of the blog. For example, if you are blogging about travel, their content should also focus on travel. This helps ensure that the traffic to your website reflects the brand you're building.

How did I find other authors? I reached out to them and asked if they would be interested in joining my blog. They said yes, immediately! Wait, what? Yep, they were struggling too and wanted to find a way to collaborate. Ultimately, adding authors to your blog can help you create consistent posts. You can have authors publish on specific days of the week so that your blog has traffic throughout the week or month. Your readers will come back, and you can also pull in readers from the other authors on your blog.

Check out my write with us page on my blog: Write With Us.

Feature Links To Other Content

Everyone can write a blog but is it credible. To increase your blog authority and credibility, create links to other content that you've been featured in. So, if you've been featured in the news, in a Yahoo Finance article, or can plug in a video from a credible site that confirms what your writing is valid, this can help build your trust rating. When you're writing your article, insert a link that says, See my feature in GoBankingRates and list the article's title. Voilà! You are building your brand, and it's easier for Google to pick up your content when adding follow links. However, be mindful that you are not adding irrelevant links and spamming your readers. That's a no-no.

Share Your Blog Posts

Okay, no one's going to find your content if you don't share it. It may be a little nerve-wracking to share your thoughts, but that's why you're writing. This is your outlet to provide your community with valuable and helpful content. Share it on social media, use hashtags relevant to the posts, put it in your newsletter and on your main website! This is how you're going to garner that needed traffic to READ your blog. Get rid of that imposter syndrome and share your thoughts with the world!

Be Patient

Your blog traffic is not going to increase overnight unless you have a few celebrity friends that can share your posts. But, like most of us, you have to share your content and let your readers come to you. Have you seen the movie Field of Dreams? One quote in that movie was: "Build it, and they will come." And remember, you got this!

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