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Amazon Fashion Finds for Your Fall and Winter Wardrobe

It's the holiday season, and you probably have an event or two to attend. Whether it's an office holiday function or meeting up with family or friends, you want to look your best and stun the attendees. I've found a few affordable Amazon Fashion finds and will share them with you. These items have made me the best dressed at every function, and you will wow the crowd too! The best part is that they're surprisingly affordable and well-made.

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 Short Sleeve One Shoulder Sexy Sequin Top Blouse

I wore this sequined top to a bling party. It sparkled and shined all night long. It had a little stretch to it, and I received many compliments. As you can see, it didn't look costumey at all, and you can wear this on multiple occasions. It's perfect for an office event or a night out on the town. The blouse was less than $40, and you can pair it with a pair of black pants right out of your closet.

I know this dress says summer, but it's perfect all year round. You can wear this dress to a gala, wedding, baby shower, or dinner. It comes in all colors, like yellow, white, red, and more. So, you can fill your wardrobe with this dress and wear it to your special occasion. My husband was floored when I put this dress on, and my daughter was even amazed. It's form-fitting but not tight and very easy to walk in. Not to mention the sleeve adds to the flair of this dress without it being too over the top. What's the price? $40!

All-white affair, anyone? I've seen this top worn differently depending on the occasion. Some people wear it as a dress and others wear it as a blouse. You can pair this blouse with shorts, a skirt, or pants. I found these white tights on Amazon as a part of an all-white affair I was attending. Typically, long dresses drag on the floor at my 5'4" height, but I didn't have that problem with this blouse. The tights can also be repurposed for work or worn casually on weekends. I'm all about repurposing outfits; these pants can be paired with anything. The outfit costs $100 and can be used at numerous all-white affairs or special events in your future.

I found the perfect African attire for the Wakanda premiere. It isn't easy to find well-made and affordable African clothing online. This jumper was less than $40 and was true to size. Typically, when I find a jumper, the fit is just awkward, and this was the first one that fit perfectly. The material wasn't too heavy, and the jumper can be worn in the fall, winter, and even spring. This pattern is also sold as a dress, and there are other options, long, short, and various colors. All of the options range from $25 to $40. You'll turn heads!

Yes, this is a summer, fall, or winter dress. It just depends on where you're going, and every winter, I find someone's beach to sit on. This year is no different, and this ruffle dress was perfect for walking along the beach and the vow renewal I attended earlier that day. I put a pin in the top because the V-neck was too deep for my taste. However, it was the perfect dress when sitting outside in the hot sun. The back also has a very sexy opening that surprised me as well. All you need is a little boob tape, and you'll be good to go. This was another find that was under $40.

Whatever event you have to go to, I'm sure you'll turn heads wearing any of these outfits, and you can find the perfect color, style, or size that fits your body type. Tell me in the comments if you've tried one of these outfits and how many heads you turned.

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