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7 Side Hustle Ideas for Graphic Designers (Video)

Many workers are abandoning traditional employment for an alternative way of making ends meet. Some professions may find it easier than others to walk away from a steady income in search of a profitable side hustle. Graphic designers or those with design experience are a few individuals who may find it easier to start a side hustle using technology and their technical know-how. I asked business leaders and freelancers for their best side hustle ideas for graphic designers to make the transition to business ownership seamless. From designing ebooks to creating portfolio templates, there are several recommended side hustles for graphic designers to try out.

Design Ebooks and Digital Products

I've worked with many graphic designers on Upwork to create ebooks and other digital products to be used on a blog. A growing number of websites are developing digital products, so creating a profile on Upwork and getting some reviews can help you boost business in your side hustle.

- Kristine Thorndyke, Test Prep Nerds

Create a Course

Creating a course is one of the best side hustles for graphic designers. Many graphic designers are used to working on a project-by-project basis and don't get to see the big picture. Creating a course allows them to take all of their expertise in one specific area and turn it into a product they can sell repeatedly.

A course can provide an additional revenue stream and help you grow your business in other ways. It can help build your credibility and establish you as an expert in your field, allowing you to sell your skill at a higher price than ever before.

- Shaun Connell, Connell Media

Fiverr the more you tell, the more you sell advertisement

Publish Artwork on Adobe Stock

Publish icons and artwork on Adobe Stock and other websites. Think about making a few packs of your own for the most popular web icons and selling them online so that other people can buy them. You could also place your patterns, font families, or other designs on a tangible item, such as a shirt, and sell it.

- Ammad Asif, Stream Digitally

Create Logos

A great side hustle for graphic designers is logo design. I have an excellent size roster of graphic designers for logo creation, email marketing design, and website graphics. There are endless brands and figures on Instagram, many of whom could benefit from some brand design management. A skilled graphic designer could find temp, recurring, and retainer work by connecting with up-and-coming social media profiles.

- Will Gill, DJ Will Gill

Ready to Start Your design business? Check out Fiverr!

Using Fiverr, you can create logos and sell your design images to small business owners on a budget. Put your skills to the test by creating a business account. You can charge what you desire and see what works for you.

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Design Social Media Post Templates

Graphic designers serve small businesses and individuals well in a role as social media post template designers. Compared to their daily scope of work, this side hustle is simpler and offers more room for creativity and freedom. Additionally, the rise of social media and businesses going online means that this side hustle provides an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the growth and also expand the side hustle.

- Mehtab Ahmed, LoansJury

Enter the Metaverse and Build NFTs

Metaverse has opened a plethora of options for making a decent income. No, I'll not recommend graphic designers build their own NFT collection. That's already competitive. I recommend using creative skills in building NFT/Virtual worlds.

From designing store outlets for brands like Adidas and H&M to partnering with successful NFT projects and building their personal metaverse world. You can put your artist cap on, look for interior inspiration on Pinterest and create a virtual world, store, or house with your graphic designing skills.

This opportunity can be a great way to make your graphic-designing future-proof because building and designing a metaverse world in the future will surely be in high demand. Plus, you can get paid in cryptocurrency, which can help you build generational wealth. Metaverse is the future, and focusing your graphic designing around a metaverse theme will make you future-ready!

- Johannes Larsson,

Create Portfolio Templates

A graphic designer should dedicate a few hours each week to creating their portfolio, whether a freelancer or a full-time worker. These could be random designs at first, but as they zero in on their preferences, they can create their own themes and templates related to the industry of their choice and prepare for the giant leap into building a name for themselves. The next step should always be a priority, and while this can start as a side hustle, it can grow into a successful independent career too.

- Dillon Hammond, Achieve TMS East


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