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6 Ways Employers Can Celebrate Women's History Month

To help employers with celebrating Women's History Month, I asked women-owned small businesses and successful entrepreneurs this question for their best insights. From sharing personal accounts of female leaders to supporting and networking with female entrepreneurs, there are several tips that may help you celebrate Women's History Month within your company. What is one thing employers can do to celebrate Women's History Month?

Ideas for Celebrating Women's History Month

Share Personal Accounts of Female Leaders

Presenting portraits of successful female colleagues adds a personal touch to the celebration, making it more relatable for fellow employees. It also keeps the conversation light and focused on internal affairs. Both internal and external audiences like to see businesses speaking about what they can do and are doing rather than seeing firms judging the choices of others.

- Michael Sena, SENACEA

Start a Micro-Fund to Support Female Entrepreneurs

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, there has been an explosion of new small businesses, side hustles, and startups, many run by women. One cool, unique way employers can celebrate Women's History Month is by starting a small fund to finance these women-owned ventures. Encourage employees with side hustles and their female friends and family members who have started a company to apply for a grant. Such grants, even if just a couple of thousands of dollars, can go a long way toward helping female entrepreneurs launch the business of their dreams. Then once the grants are doled out, do a company luncheon to highlight the small businesses the company has helped to fund. Perhaps even include short testimonial videos from the women who run these companies to share how the money has helped and what they plan to do with it. This is a great way to directly support female entrepreneurs and raise awareness during Women's History Month.

- John Ross, Test Prep Insight

Identify Unconscious Bias Against Women

Employers should identify and eradicate any forms of unconscious bias against women for women's history month. This type of bias can manifest in various ways, such as how organizations hire, promote employees, or assign projects. Employers should carefully scan through their operations and processes to determine if discrimination is made against women. Unconscious bias is unintentional, making it hard to spot, which is why the process of identifying should be done meticulously. Women's history month is about celebrating women and their contributions. Eradicating any bias against them is an appropriate way to celebrate the month.

- John Tian, Mobitrix

Involve Every Employee

When it comes to Women's History Month, employers can go the extra mile and ask every employee to plan and participate in different activities and events. Moreover, since these events are distributed over a month, participation will not impact productivity either. One reason why this is essential is that one of the reasons behind observing Women's History Month is to promote gender equality in the workplace. And this goal is achievable only when everyone is involved and plays an active role.

- Azmaira Maker, Ph.D., Aspiring Families

Conduct a Fundraising Campaign

Women's History Month is all about bringing the world's attention to the many challenges associated with women's empowerment. So what better way to support and commemorate the occasion than to provide financial fuel to a nonprofit organization fighting for these causes? A fundraising campaign with top leaders promising a donation on behalf of the organization and encouraging employees to add to this amount proves highly impactful. This campaign can enable employees to participate proactively and gain deeper insights into various programs and services that help keep women in the conversation.

- Eva Taylor, WP Buffs

Support and Network With Female Entrepreneurs

Whether big or small, every company does business with a wide range of service providers, suppliers, and the like. In line with observing Women's History Month, employers can make a concerted effort to do more business with brands led by women entrepreneurs and let employees know of these positive efforts. Often, such occasions are spent only in participating in activities and celebratory events. In comparison, this move will prove highly practical and make some real impact.

- Larissa Pickens, Everfumed

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