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The 5 Best Personal Finance Education Books

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With the cold weather outside, there's nothing better than snuggling up by the fire with a good book. And what better way to spend your time than by improving your financial knowledge and setting goals for the future? I've searched through various sources, including my own Kindle library, to compile a list of must-read financial books that can guide you in setting and achieving your financial objectives for the upcoming year.

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The Best Personal Finance Books for Budgeting, Saving, Investing, and Goal-Setting

It's surprising to think that money can be associated with sex appeal. However, the lack of money can bring about fear, stress, and worry. Genevieve explores the impact of spirituality on shifting a scarcity mindset to one of abundance in her book. Transforming your relationship with money can lead to emotional healing and a more positive outlook. With Sexy Money, you can enjoy the journey of wealth-building and add more joy to your life.

Yes, you do need a budget. Creating a weekly, monthly, and annual budget can help you set and achieve your financial goals. Jesse describes that you need to give every dollar a job. Before your income enters your bank account, you should allocate it to a specific purpose. If it's for your wants, needs, or savings, creating a budget allows you to let your money do its job. This book is a valuable resource that will enable you to use a tried-and-true system that I have used for years. As the title states, you can get out of debt and live the life you want today.

3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill has a quote that says, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." This quote has always struck a chord with me and continues to inspire me in all my endeavors. In his book, Napoleon shares anecdotes from famous millionaires like Andrew Carnegie, Arthur Nash, and Henry Ford. By learning from their experiences, you can attract wealth into your own life. All you need to do is identify your desires, focus on them, and work towards achieving your goals.

Have you ever had more money than you know what to do with? Do you want more money than you know what to do with? This question can be debatable depending on your financial situation, but as Amanda states, "it's time to look behind the curtain at money." This money mindset book walks you through your mental struggles with money and teaches you to believe in yourself and the positive choices you are making with your money.

If you need a jump start on your financial literacy, the Financial Starter Kit is for you. Beez reviews the basics of financial literacy, which include credit, mortgages, stocks, business loans, and interest rates. These things are not taught in school, so you may have missed them growing up. I recommend this book for teens and other young adults just starting their financial journey. This book also includes worksheets and other valuable resources that can guide you in setting and achieving your financial goals.

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