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4 Reasons Why Your Expenses Are Breaking the Bank

Oh no! Your budget has taken a nosedive, and you don't know where it all went wrong. Trust me, many of us have been here and have not figured out where the money is at the end of the month. There are many reasons why this could happen to you. Here are some reasons why your budget didn't work this month and how you can get it back on track.

How Eating Out Too Much is Costing You

These costs come from not taking lunch to work and picking up dinner from a fast-food restaurant on the way home. Look at your bank account and see how much money you've spent eating out in a month. To save money, eat breakfast before leaving home and consider taking your lunch. Preparing your meals can reduce your eating out expenses by two-thirds.

Tips to Save Money on Groceries

How Your Utility Bill Could Cost You Hundreds

You may be wasting money by not making repairs to your home. If you have a running faucet or toilet, this can increase your utility bill. Leaving lights on when you leave a room also creates an added expense. Take an inventory of your home and identify needed home repairs causing your utility expenses to increase. Remember, flip the switch when leaving a room.

Not Having a Grocery List

If you don't have a grocery list when you enter a store, this can lead to impulse shopping. You may not always remember what you need, so shopping every aisle to jog your memory can increase impulse buying. To combat impulse buying, create a grocery list before you leave your home. Having a grocery list eliminates the need to browse every aisle, and you can reduce your monthly grocery expense.

You Have Too Many Cell Phone Subscriptions

Cell phone subscriptions can add up. The click of a button on your phone can enroll you in a free trial. However, if you don't cancel that free trial or use the app on your phone, you could be wasting money. Evaluate your cell phone bill and determine if there are any apps that you pay a subscription fee. If you don't use them, cancel your subscription. Another way to decrease your cell phone expense is to cancel the subscription before the free trial ends. Canceling subscriptions allow you to use the app during the trial, and you are in control of the renewal.

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