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Easy Tips To Save Money: 27 Creative Ways To Save

Have you been looking for ways to save money or spend less? These helpful tips can help you keep your budget on track and provide you with additional ways to save, budget, and invest your money for the long term. I'm sure this extensive list can provide you with at least one or two ways to achieve your future goals. Let's take a look! Save on Clothing Join a local Facebook group or apps like LetGo or OfferUp to find deals on free or gently used items. You can save hundreds of dollars on furniture, video games, or clothing.  Visit your local thrift store at the end of a season to find clothes for the next season. Some of these items are new with tags and can be used for your growing children next season or even yourself.  You can save on name-brand shoes by buying kids' sizes. If you have smaller feet, you can purchase a kid's Nike's, Reebok, or other shoes, and you pay less than you would for the adult size of the identical shoe. Save on Food When you shop, use a gr

8 Tips To Nail a Virtual Job Interview

What is one tip you have for candidates preparing for a virtual interview? To help you do well in a virtual job interview, we asked hiring managers and experienced recruiters this question for their best advice. From being well-prepared and engaging to maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, there are several pieces of advice that may help you perform well in virtual job interviews. Here are eight tips for nailing virtual job interviews: Be Well-Prepared and Engaging Test Out Your Environment and Technology in Advance Turn Off Notifications On Phone and Computer Speak With Confidence and Be Authentic Write Down Things To Refer To During The Interview Focus On the Fundamentals Show Interest and Stay Engaged Maintain Eye Contact With The Interviewer Be Well-Prepared and Engaging  Stay in the moment for a virtual interview. Though “stay in the moment” might seem cliche or vague, this adage encapsulates patience and awareness and works best with deep breathing. Research, practice, an

4 Ways To Save For Retirement as a Tipped Employee

How can you save for retirement while working in a tipped position with no benefits?  To help you save for retirement as a tipped employee, we asked thought leaders this question for their best insights. From exploring tax-advantaged plans to tapping the features of cash value life insurance, there are practical options that may help you save long-term for retirement.  Here are four ways to save for retirement as a tipped employee: Set Up 401(k) and Invest in ESPPs and ESOPs Limit Spending and Save Explore Tax-Advantaged Plans and Related Options Tap The Features of Cash Value Life Insurance Explore Tax-Advantaged Plans and Related Options No access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan like a 401(k)? You can still contribute to a tax-advantaged retirement plan if your income is documented on a 1099 or W-2. The earned income could allow you to make a tax-deductible contribution to an individual retirement account (IRA). More options exist for those with income reported on a 1099 for