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Gift Box Ideas for Your Family, Friends, and Coworkers

Do you have a large group of family, friends, or coworkers? Are there birthdays or other significant events coming up? I was searching the internet for budget-friendly gift boxes, and each box on Etsy or Google was going for $40 or more, and that doesn't include delivery fees. So, I said I'm going to make my own gift boxes and created them for under $40. Here's how!

Gift Box with wine tumblers, wax melts, and a bracelt

Gift Box On A Budget

I scoured the internet to find exciting and valuable gifts. I didn't just want to come up with some random non-useful items, and luckily, I was able to purchase everything from Amazon and read reviews for everything. No cheap stuff here, even on a budget.

Gift Box

Gift box with brown string and white rose

I wanted a sturdy gift box and found a pack of 12 Moretoes White Gift Boxes Ad that included the string to tie the box. It's one long string, so you can cut as much or as little as you need. It assembled in less than thirty seconds. 

I also added a little character to the box by purchasing 100 stemless rose flower heads and placed two inside the box and one on top as a cute accent. If you have males you're gifting, find some cute bow tie decorations

What went inside the box? 

I bought a 24 pack of Kombucha tea Ad because I figured this was a little healthier than a wine spritzer or a bottle of alcohol. However, I did find a package of wine tumblers that can be used in multiple gift boxes. The gift recipient can purchase the wine at a later time. The tumblers even came with a straw. Fancy!

Set of six tumblers with strasws Ad

Now, when you're drinking wine, what's better than to relax with something that smells nice. So, I found these soy wax melts made by veteran-owned Farm Raised Candles. This is an excellent gift for your friends or family members with allergies. Trust me, I know. 

Farm Raised soy wax meltsAd

Finally, my ultimate touch was this unique Triple Protection Bracelet. This particular bracelet brings luck and prosperity to the gift recipient. Depending on what the recipient needs in their life, you can find other types of handmade bracelets that bring confidence, motivation, or happiness. 

Tiger bracelet, brown, black, and silverAd

My entire cost was about $200, and I'll be able to make multiple boxes. I will have to replenish a couple of the items, and the price will vary, but after creating my first box, the total cost was $39. Now, I couldn't beat that or the ability to personalize the box with the bracelet. You can find cheaper options at the Dollar Tree or on Amazon to decrease your spending. However, don't forget quality. Here's the gift box. 

Gift box with kombucha tea, a tumbler, wax melts, and roses.


  1. Gift boxes seem like such a lovely idea; I like how varied they are and that many of them have a great range of things included. Thanks for sharing this!

    Molly |

    1. Thanks Molly. Yes, I've already started thinking of ideas to build more. I've picked up some coasters with cute sayings from the Dollar Tree!


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